February 13, 2011

CSI Bethel Church, Ikkadu kandigai ,Tiruvallur Dist, Tamil Nadu,India.

Hearty Welcome to CSI Bethel Church, Ikkadu kandigai,

Our Church was founded by William Burgess - Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in 1878, Our church was 137 years Old congregation and it is situated around 50 km from Chennai (Capital City of Tamilnadu state, South India). Click here to View the location in Google Maps.

Our Church's Rev P.M GNANADURAI wrote the biography of Rev William Goudie, he has mentioned that Goudie was the "Prince among the Missionaries". He served a lot in and around the places of Tiruvallur District and he has built Hospital, Schools, Hostel,Lace Hall and many churches.

Hearty Thanks to Wesleyan mission and all the missionaries for sharing the Gospel to India especially in South India, so that  our villagers believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Church was named as CSI Bethel Church on 22-01-2005 and new church was opened on the same day by Rev.Dr.V Devasaghayam, Bishop in Madras.  Pastor Stanely Jayakumar and John Danapaul  played important role on building the new Church.

It was donated by Our Church Members and gave generously we have completed successfully within 2 .3 years. Our Church Congregation is not rich congregation, we had completed this new church building by prayers. Our village members  are Telugu Speaking people, but our Church service will be on Tamil.